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*YS Kirin

*YS Kirin

Out of *Y.S. Hokkaido by *Y.S. Kinyobi.  May 16, 2007.  (ICHO 1059-D, ABC)

Beautiful, long legged bay, 15hh Curly mare and Riding Horse Supreme! She is an attentive listener and learns very quickly.

She is definitely Beginner Horse potential!!! She is pretty much the perfect size for anyone. You know when you have a good one when almost anyone can handle and ride her. She is extremely patient, will only go as fast as you want her to and is more than happy at any time to stop. (when asked...) I always seem to use the word "sweet" with her but she is all sugar!!! No bite, kick, bolt, buck, rear, weave, pace, crib, almost no spook, (though she can be a bit looky if she hasn't been worked in a while). She is good on her own or in a group, in a stall or in a field. Awesome on trails or in the ring. Walk, trot, canter. She is not a fast horse, is very uncomplicated and simple to control. Her favourite speeds are walk and whoa! though it doesn't require much push to get a nice forward walk. She is so nice to work around and very trustworthy. She is a solid trail horse. Crosses bridges, thru bush and brush, water, up or down hills, in front or behind.

Kirin is almost the sweetest one in the barn! LOVES attention but is completely aware of whoever is around her. Always careful and not a bit pushy. She does try to push around the big girls in the field but doesn't often get away with it.

Kirin is offered for sale to a special home. $5500

Kirin's filly *YS Bonzai in April 2012 by *YS SuPAR Man

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