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*YS Kinyobi


Y.S. Kinyobi
*Velvet Lady X *YS Tanjobi

ABC 2987, CSI C00514-01, ICHO 1066 - D
Bay with 4 socks, star/strip/snip, 15hh

We have been very fortunate to have a wonderful stallion to work with. Not only does he have great conformation, movement and tons of curls, he also has the sweetest temperament. There have been many times that people have mistaken him for an Arabian and a gelding. He has a refined head, smaller ears, big expressive eyes and nice floating movement. He passes along his great conformation and temperament. His foals are definite proof of that. He crosses very well with heavier mares as he is quite refined, to produce awesome Sporthorse Curlies.

Kinyobi is offered to outside mares for 2012. Stud fee is $600 plus a $100 booking fee. LFG. For those of you at greater distances, AI is offered.

We are offering Kinybobi for sale. We have been using him for breeding and he needs a job. He is a fabulous stallion and a great benefit to the Curly breed.

$10 000

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