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Sage's Lady

Sage's Lady

ABC 1574 (*Chase's Sage Seeker X *Merry Chase T)

In our hunt for a solid riding horse, we came across Sage and immediately fell in love. With only the intention of keeping her as a riding horse, we liked her movement, conformation and mind, so much, that we couldn't resist temptation. We bred her to Kinyobi and on April 26th, 2007, she had her foal YS Kumo.

Sage is very sweet and loves to go out on the trail. We do believe that she also has some dressage training and we know she loves to jump! She much prefers to be going on down the road rather than in circles in the arena. She's not a spring chicken though and knows her stuff, so with that, she will continue to be our faithful riding horse that also doubles as our pony ride horse for our Japanese friends and visitors.

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Sage's foal