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2007 Arrivals


We are very excited about the arrival of 4 foals in 2007! All are by our stallion, *Y.S. Kinyobi. Outstanding!

RR LaBamba's had a big beautiful curly bay filly, YS Kurige on July 4, 2007. SOLD

*Sage's Lady had a nice dark bay curly colt, YS Kumo on April 26, 2007. SOLD

*YS Takai had a very tightly curled filly that will be grey, *YS Kawai on May 17, 2007. SOLD

*YS Hokkaido had a big bay curly filly, *YS Kirin on May 16, 2007. SOLD To Andrea

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RR LaBamba
YS Hokkaido
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